Corrie Ten Boom

September 01, 2021

Corrie Ten Boom was born and raised in Holland by her father, since her mother died early. Her father was a clock maker. In 1940, many Jews took refuge in Holland during the Second World War fearing the German Soldiers who were trying to exterminate them. Some of them were caught by the soldiers and imprisoned. More than 700 Jews were put in prison that could barely hold more than 200 prisoners.

Corrie Ten Boom took courage and rescued Jews who were haunted by the German soldiers and gave them a hiding place.  However, it was not long and in 1943, Corrie Ten Boom, her aging father, and her sister were imprisoned for helping the Jews. They were sent to a Nazi Concentration Camp where they had to endure much suffering. In that gloomy prison of 700 prisoners, only the three of them had accepted Christ. Corrie and her sister Betsie underwent immeasurable torture. They were stripped naked and paraded before others, were hungry and thirsty most of the time. Soon, her father and her sister both succumbed and died. Corrie was all by herself now, but spent significant part of her time worshipping the Lord without bringing herself to attention before the German soldiers. She shared the gospel to the women prisoners and her Dutch Bible that she had came in handy to share the good news. The Lord used Corrie mightily even during her prison term.

Finally, Corrie was released on the same day the Second World War ended. She began to spread the love of Christ to all the people. She also established an orphan house for those who were orphaned during the World War. She shared the comfort of Christ during her most turbulent times. This strengthened many in the Lord as she taught how to stand in the Lord during times of trouble. She traveled to several countries preaching this.  We are called not only to be ready for the coming of Christ but also to stand steadfast during challenging times and in needed to die a martyr, she said. Once while preaching at a church in Africa, a few Christians were taken by the police and killed. The new government rules were against the Church. On the second day, a few more were killed. Similarly, on the third day, they heard that half of the Christians in a church had been killed. Fear struck the small church where Corrie began to preach boldly on the fourth day.  They feared if they would be found and killed. Corrie preached on staying faithful until the end even if it means dying for Christ. On the fifth day, all of them were taken and killed. The only difference was that they faced the situation with great boldness and were happy to be? martyred for Christ.

Once while preaching in Europe, she spoke on forgiveness and love and how it shows the way to a life of peace and security. At the end of the sermon, she closed her eyes for the prayer and when she opened it, she saw a huge man standing before her.  She was shocked by the towering German and asked him what he wanted. He said that he was the Nazi soldier who had killed her father and sister. He also said that he came to ask for her forgiveness because she was preaching on love and forgiveness for all. “Will you forgive me”, he asked. She was filled with dreadful hate and loathed the idea of forgiveness to a murderer. The Lord gently reminded her if she would only preach on forgiveness and not follow it? She held his hands immediately when she heard the Lord speak and forgave him from the bottom of her heart. He went back a forgiven man with boundless happiness.

Corrie wrote a book on her experiences. The book “The Hiding Place” was also made into a movie. Here was a woman mightily used by the Lord. Finally, on the same day that she was born, Corrie died – 15th April 1983. One bible verse comforted her every day during her lifetime. But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you are blessed. “And do not be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled. (1 Peter 3: 14) .  This is the question before us. Are we steadfast in faith in the Lord? Are we so wearied out by life’s troubles? Or do we stand for Christ at all times? Let us ponder these questions as we submit ourselves to Him.