The Mission India Movement was formed by young leaders who came together, prayed and planned to carry out the great work of taking the gospel of the Kingdom of God, directly to all Indians and to multiply the Churches.This work accomplishes the task of persuading people who have never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus and to encourage them to join the Church and worship the true God, and claiming that Jesus is the true atonement of God. 

Become a disciple, be a disciple. This necessitates that we must become God’s disciples and make disciples for God. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this organization has grown insisting on truth, honesty, hard work, and in God’s love in this fast-paced world. 

MIM is making young people pray as a group for the service of Christ, transforming them into better leaders and making them exhibit signs of holiness, reflecting Christly life. Those who receive the vision and the plan of God to do ministry, are lovingly sent to minister, with their needs being met. 

Futuristic Project:

Our main goal is the revival of youth! One crore people, one lakh villages, one thousand churches. One hundred missionaries are working with this far-sighted vision. We seek to educate the illiterate and to provide medical care in places where there are no medical facilities. We seek to provide various services as well. 

Levite Gathering:

We convene gatherings for children, teenagers, youth and elders in every district to lead them into salvation and to make them understand the purpose of life. We also hold missionary vision meetings in Churches to encourage them to pray and contribute to our nation. We conduct marital counseling for youngsters and seminars for parents. 

Prayer Warriors:

We are encouraging prayer groups to adapt to changing circumstances. We hold fasting prayers to raise prayer warriors. Not only that, we gather online every day to pray and stand as ONE, against the struggles people face in their lives. We are preparing to hold a prayer camp at the national level. Prayer warriors are continually raising to pray for the mission fields. We are praying fervently for the revival fire to spread all over the country.

Young Couple Ministry

We are making a breakthrough by conducting training camps for young couples – to be able to live as witnessing Christian families and to live as happy families, without confusion. With a desire to see flourishing communities raise in India, we are working as a group fervently. According to the plan given by God, we are holding special gatherings for young couples at the district level to illuminate their lives. God helps us solve problems and also to create holy offspring by conducting training sessions and counselling.

Missionary Ministry

We are operating on missionary work with a vision plan to accomplish 10 Churches, 10 Worship Committees, 10 Staff, 5000 supporters, and 10 Leaders by 2025. This great ministry is being supported by Churches, faith families and prayer groups for the revival mission. You are welcome to come forward and contribute. We work to introduce Jesus to unknown people. 10 mission centers are to be set up. We work prayerfully with a dream of raising 1000 churches. The first mission center has been set up in Punjab and the Church construction work is in progress. In addition, the training centers have been set up at each mission center and we are working to ensure that the work is done smoothly.

Media Ministry

The Lord is helping us to continue the media ministry amidst changing scenarios in today’s context. We are encouraging many in Christ through this ministry. This has been a great help during the lockdown. We plan to take up and work to accomplish many more special ministries. We meet people from all walks of life, through websites, blogs, YouTube channels, cable TV and social media.

Magazine & Book Ministry

Every month, Seeshan magazine is being published in Tamil and English and is reaching out to many people. We are making efforts to publish Seeshan in Hindi as well. Not only that, we are bringing out biographies of contemporary missionaries and publishing them too. It helps the present generation to develop and understand missionary vision. Let us intercede for God’s Hand to be revealed in this ministry.

Retirement Homes For Ministry

We see tens of thousands of missionaries, retiring from their ministries, including the indigenous workers, suffering after retirement, in their old age. We are praying to set up special homes for them and to create a special dwelling place to sustain them, till they reach the time God set for them on the earth.

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MIM Magazine Ministry

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