John Harper

December 09, 2021

This happened around 200 years ago. A small boy reached New York, looking out for a job. He ailed from a simple Christian family and knew only the vocation associated with a printing press. He took constant effort, utilizing his limited skills in the printing press to come up in life.

He managed to get a job at a reputed printing office. He was sincere in all the tasks assigned to him and discharged his duties with utmost sincerity. Even in his lowly state, he loved God. One Saturday evening he was given an important task at work. He realised that in order to complete that task, he would have to work on the following day being a Sunday as well. He approached his supervisor and requested him that he will work even until midnight but would not be able to work on the next day, as it is God’s Day.

His supervisor listened to him but told him vehemently that he would have to lose his job, if he would not complete that task the next day. The little lad, on the contrary went to the company’s boss and said humbly,” Sir, I have been honouring Sunday from my early years. Even if I have to forego this job, I am not willing to dishonour Sunday”.

Though the boss stared intently at the little boy as he was determined to revere God, by honouring Sunday, he did not force the little boy to work on Sundays afterwards. That little boy was John Harper.

John Harper in his later days became a famous missionary. John Harper, who started his life as a simple press employee, was blessed by God to become the founder of a company that published spiritual books. Do we give up God for our selfishness? Let’s seek forgiveness from God today and live our lives for Him.