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John Harper

John Harper December 09, 2021 This happened around 200 years ago. A small boy reached New York, looking out for a job. He ailed from a simple Christian family and knew only the vocation associated with a printing press. He took constant effort, utilizing his limited skills in the printing press to come up in …

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KARTHAAR SINGH September 29, 2021 Karthar Singh was born in Punjab to wealthy Sikh parents.  His father was a big zamindar in their place. He was the only son and his family’s greatest hope.He was brought up in great wealth. He was trained in all kinds of skills by his father.  Though he did not …


Dr. Clara Swain

Dr. Clara Swain September 05, 2021 On 1834 July 18th, Dr. Clara Swain was born in New York. Her father, John Swain was of Irish descent and her mother Clarissa came from the dynasty of New England. Clara joined the Methodist church when she was eight. She began teaching private pupils in her 21st age as …

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John Bunyan

John Bunyan September 17, 2021 John Bunyan was born in November of 1628 at Bedford in England. His parents were not Christians. From an early age, he followed his ancestral work of tinkering and sale of pots and pans alongside his father. He did not have a proper education as he was born in a …

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William Ault

William Ault September 09, 2021 William Ault was born to a British shoemaker Jabez Ault in 1778. His parents raised him as a godly young man. Before the age of 7, William had already completed reading the Bible 6 times. Ault ran a Sunday School in his neighborhood. Later, in 1808, he became a Methodist …

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Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom September 01, 2021 Corrie Ten Boom was born and raised in Holland by her father, since her mother died early. Her father was a clock maker. In 1940, many Jews took refuge in Holland during the Second World War fearing the German Soldiers who were trying to exterminate them. Some of them …

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